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Welcome to Qudrati Shifa Khana
Dr Mohammed Shafique Alam completed his MD(A.M.), Ph.D. from Calcutta. and N.D. from Nasik. M.A.M.S. from Mumbai. He is practicing Holistic and Naturopathic Treatment without any operation, side-effect and reaction. Our treatment is fully based on acupressure, massage, chromo therapy, electro magnetic therapy, physiotherapy, reflexology therapy and light exercise. Our treatment is 100% perfect and success without any side-effects. 

Specially : Spondilysis, Slip Disk, Paralysis, Stiffness of Joints & Fingers, Arthritis, Knee Arthritis, Spinal Cord, Mental Disorder, Old Headache & migraine pain, Polio, Gaps in Manka, Epilepsy, All types of wounds & bed sole, Male and Female Secret diseases, kidney stone kidney failure(dialisis case) gallbladder stone liver stone apendix fistulla | piles | fissure alcer of stomach, extended of bone headache | migraine pain loss of memory mania acidity and constipation heart diseases (angina pain) cancer wounds diabetes gigrane HIV utrine fiberod syplisis/gonnerio sinosites(sinus) tonsilites(tonsil) scitica/rheumatism/backache / lumbago loss of sesation of any part of body

Home                                     |                                    Contact Us                                    |                                    Terms & Condition
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